yogurt for hair growth and smoothly hair

yogurt for hair growth and smooth hair

It’s obviously true that yogurt can improve your hair growth. You have to eat it yogurt otherwise uses it at your hair. Therefore people are trying to optimize their daily diets with yogurt for hair growth. You know that hair is made of protein. For the reasons, you must add protein to your daily foods. 


yogurt for hair


Protein is rich food. Yogurt is an example of a protein. And yogurt is not a rich food. If you agree then you can take daily. Because of yogurt for hair growth its an important part of your hair loss. Yogurt is helpful for those women who are suffering from hair loss. As a result of Gastro-Intestinal problems.

In these cases, yogurts containing active acidophilus cultures help to regulate digestion and promote Gastro-Intestinal health. yogurt for hair can be used on the hair as well and works as a good conditioner and to help make the hair smooth and shiny. In the matter of the case, the yogurt ought to be applied sort of a “mask” supplementary to the hair and allowed to take a seat, covered, for 10-15 minutes, and then ought to be rinsed away and therefore the hair shampooed using a mild shampoo.

yogurt can help to mask cuticle damage and split ends, and the acid of the yogurt helps to contract the cuticle layer making the hair appear smoother and shinier. The combined effects of the smoothing and contracting of the cuticle also help the yogurts moisturizing ability to give longer lasting benefits.

Benefits Of yogurt for hair

yogurt for hair
Yogurt has been used as a hair care ingredient since ancient times. It is a multi-vitamin rich food which contains high levels of lactic acid that is quite beneficial to treat dull and damaged hair. Skip all those expensive hair care products and try this effective home remedy-yogurt to treat your hair.

yogurt for hair! It is a multi-vitamin rich nourishment which contains abnormal amounts of lactic corrosive that is very helpful to treat dull and harmed hair. Skirt every one of those costly hair mind items and attempt this compelling home cure yogurt to treat your hair.

yogurt to dispose of dandruff

It has anti-fungal elements, therefore, help fight dandruff. Take one cup of yogurt and mix it to smoothen out the irregularities. Apply this yogurt on your scalp and abandon it on for around 40 minutes before you wash it off. Really yogurt for hair and this home cure will dispose of dandruff.

yogurt for hair frizz

Bunched up hair is a typical issue confronted by numerous particularly amid summer. Utilize this mitigating and cooling fixing yogurt to diminish and quiet that untamed mane. Take around three spoons of yogurt, two spoons of coconut oil and four spoons of aloe vera gel. Apply this blend to your hair and permit it to dry for around 30 minutes. Before long, wash it with tepid water and a gentle cleanser.

yogurt for hair shining, dull and dry hair

yogurt for hair is a significant compelling home solution for add that lustrous sheen to dry and dull looking hair as well. Combine about a large portion of a measure of yogurt, two spoons of almond oil and two beaten eggs. Apply this glue on your scalp and cover your head with a shower top. Wash your hair with a cleanser after around 30 minutes.

yogurt for hair fall

Utilizing yogurt for hair, likewise, lessen hair fall and male pattern baldness after some time. Combine yogurt and some ground methi seeds and apply it on your scalp frequently. Abandon it on for 45 minutes before you wash it off. Yogurt will reduce hair fall fundamentally.

15 Natural foods FOR Hair Care And Help Hair Growth
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Benefits Of yogurt, Benefits Of yogurt,

yogurt benefit for female health

Yogurt Benefit, Health & Nutrition Facts, Beauty, & More | benefits kale…

Yogurt benefit for female health:

Good bacteria

                                                                       Benefits Of Yogurt

Yogurt can be called as the modern panacea for a human being. From helping people to weight loss to fighting against the common cough and cold, the yogurt is omnipresent. It has taken the place of the best friend for the human body. But it has some special effects or influence on the body of a woman which is the intention of this discussion.


Yogurt and woman health :

yogurt benefit

Very few foods in our food habit are as nutrient-dense as yogurt. Very high amount of calcium, protein, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-12 are contained in yogurt. The study of “Nutrition Research” in 2013 published that the women who consume yogurt on a daily basis and in the right quantity must enjoy some more health benefits than the women who don’t have it. Yogurt provides some special benefits to a woman beside its regular benefits.
A lot of reasons are behind the question why yogurt should be included in the women’s daily food menu. All the reasons are very practical.
Regular health benefits of yogurt for women-
Yogurt has some common health benefits on the human body. As a human being, the women also get those benefits. They are as follows. This 15 Yogurt Benefit’s


1. Reduces the risk of diseases :

Reduces the risk of diseases

                                                                        Reduces The Risk Of Diseases

Yogurt has a direct effect in reducing the vulnerability of several diseases in human body. Some of them are chronic diseases also. The life expectancy and the quality of life are enhanced by yogurt consumption. The study in 2013 clearly showed that if a person eats yogurt daily, s/he will be free from the diseases associated with blood glucose, lower blood pressure, and triglyceride levels. A yogurt eater has less insulin resistance than of a non-eater. Thus, the regular yogurt consumers are free from the diabetics and heart disease.


2. Osteoporosis is highly prevented :

Osteoporosis is highly prevented

                                          Osteoporosis is highly prevented

Osteoporosis is one of the major problems now a day. It occurs due to the deficiency of some micro nutrients like calcium and vitamin D in the body. The yogurt itself contains a very good amount of calcium and some dairy factories add vitamin D to their yogurt. As a result, the yogurt consumers can have a good and strong bone. It happens more in case of the women.

3. Great effect on skin :

Great effect on skin

                                                                              Great effect on skin

Skin is the human organ which is greatly benefited with yogurt. It affects the human skin directly. As yogurt contains a lot of Lactic Acid, it creates a new glow, moisturizes dead skin, prevents breakouts, creates a new glow, diminishes lines and wrinkles and dissolves dead skin cells. Another important nutrient of yogurt is calcium that heals dry skin, prevents unhealthy skin and enhances the skin renewal. Zinc in yogurt tightens the tissues, Reduces red swelling for rashes and acne, alleviates pimples and acne, prevents oily skin and helps the growth of tissue. Another most important nutrient in yogurt is Vitamin B that has a strong effect on hydrating dull skin, keeping the glow of the skin, helping cell growing, regenerating the cells, preventing oxidative damages of skin and providing healthy fat in the cells of the skin.

4. The Risk of High Blood Pressure is reduced.

High Blood Pressure is reduced

                                           High Blood Pressure is reduced

Recently a study in Spain has found that yogurt consumption affects the risk of blood pressure significantly. It happens because yogurt is the only dairy food that contains very low amount of fat but it contains the good nutrients in good amount.


5. Yogurt containing active cultures helps the Gut.

Yogurt containing active cultures helps the Gut

            Yogurt containing active cultures helps the Gut

This is another most noteworthy quality of yogurt in case of its usefulness on the human body. Several gastrointestinal conditions are directly helped from consuming yogurt. These include-
Lactose intolerance
Colon cancer
H. pylori infection and
IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).
The human body receives the above mentioned benefits from yogurt because-
It enhances the immune system of body
It brings a change in the gut’s Micro flora and
The foods take enough time to go through the bowel.
Several researches all over the world have proven these benefits of yogurt on human body.

6. Reduces the nutrient Deficiencies :

Reduces the nutrient Deficiencies

                                    Reduces the nutrient Deficiencies

As a nutrient-dense food, yogurt provides so many nutrients in the human body that the yogurt eaters never suffer from the deficiency of nutrients. In 2013 “Nutrient Research” published that a regular yogurt eater has higher potassium intakes. Those people also suffer less from the deficiency of calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Yogurt also meets up the demand of protein in the human body.


7. Yogurt Helps You To Feel Fuller :

Yogurt Helps You To Feel Fuller

                                              Yogurt Helps You To Feel Fuller

A study has recently been performed at the University of Washington on the effects of yogurt on the human body in case of hunger and fullness. 16 men and 16 women were taken for the study and every person there took 200-calorie snack. Almost all the snacks were made with yogurt and few were made with other dairy product along with some fruits.
The result was very positive from yogurt’s point of view. It showed that the yogurt eater became less hungry and they got higher fullness in the body.


8. Enhances brain power :

Enhances brain power

                                                                                           Enhances brain power

It has been proven several times that Gut bacteria have great influence on the brain of the animal. Inspired by this theory, the researchers of UCLA wanted to prove it in case of the human brain. They found some good signs in the brain of the women who took pure yogurt. Increased connectivity was found in the periaqueductal gray region of the brain of those women. This increased connectivity was also found in the prefrontal cortex of the brain of the yogurt eaters.

9. Gifting a good dental health, it keeps a good smile all day long:

Gifting a good dental health

                                           Gifting a good dental health

There is no denying the fact that all types of yogurt contain some sugar. But the most interesting matter is that this sugar content never causes cavity in the teeth. Several studies found no relation between yogurt consumption and enamel erosion.

If a woman eats at least 2 ounces of yogurt, 60% risks of periodontal disease are reduced. But the case is just opposite to the people who don’t eat it.


10. The waist is shrunk:

The waist is shrunk

                                                      The waist is shrunk

It is a well-proven matter that regular consumption of yogurt affects the body weight reduction. The body fat of the women who eat yogurt daily can slim down faster. This is one of the greatest findings by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
This is not the end of the story of yogurt and weight loss. The yogurt eaters can retain 1/3 of the lean muscle mass. That means they burn more calories, have higher resting metabolic rate and very much effective in weight loss.


11. Stabilizes Appetite :

Stabilizes Appetite

                                          Stabilizes Appetite

Protein has a special effect on controlling appetite. As yogurt contains protein in a good amount, it helps to stabilize appetite. Moreover, it also reduces the mentality of having more foods. In 2013 a research of “Appetite” showed that the women, who took high-protein Greek yogurt, experienced that they had a great control on their appetite.

12. Provides the nervous system a boost:

Provides the nervous system a boost

                                        Provides the nervous system a boost

Yogurt is a good source of phosphorus, potassium, iodine, riboflavin, Vitamin B5 (Pantheistic Acid) and zinc. It also contains a good amount of vitamin B12, which is a renowned maintainer of red blood cell. Doing so, vitamin B12 affects the proper function of the nervous system positively.

13. Provides a power to fast recover after work out :

Provides a power to fast recover after work out

                                   Provides a power to fast recover after work out

Post workout period is the best time to repair, refuel and replenish the body with nutritional foods. In this factor, protein gives the highest benefit. So, Greek yogurt can be the best snack during after workout period. Having a perfect amount of Greek yogurt is enough to have a boost.
Special benefits of yogurt on a woman’s body-
These are the most common benefits a woman can get from consuming yogurt as a human being. But yogurt has some special benefits on a woman’s body.


14.Yogurt and Vaginal health :

Yogurt and Vaginal health

                                                     Yogurt and Vaginal health

It is a very common folk remedy that inserting yogurt in the vagina or consuming yogurt has a great effect on vaginal infections. It has been long been practiced in various regions in the world though there is very few scientific study on that. Actually, the bacteria in yogurt works against the infectious bacteria in the vagina.


15. Good against bacterial vaginosis:

Good against bacterial vaginosis

                                                     Good against bacterial vaginosis

In the childbearing age, bacterial vaginosis is a very common issue in women. This is the observation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Generally, the pregnant women are the victims of the problem. This results in lower weight or premature babies. If good bacteria in the vagina are overrun by the bad bacteria, this may happen. After taking antibiotic the victim may get better.
But “Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease” has recently published in their review that eating the foods rich with probiotics can treat the problem permanently. It can also be inserted into the vagina. In both cases yogurt is the best choice.

Though there might be some confusion regarding the use of yogurt in a woman’s body, this pregnant discussion must terminate all the confusions.


Here is kale(vegetables) benefits. Kale is most popular food in USA California

What Are Probiotics?

Top 14 Probiotic Food Benefits | Health Supplement

Who does not want to keep a healthy life? Is there anyone?
Of course, ‘NO’ is the answer.



                                                                               Probiotic – Yogurt

Many of us want to live a healthy life but don’t know that there are both good and bad bacteria in a human body. Probiotics are the best of the good bacteria that are active in the body. It’s another name is Helpful Bacteria because they help to keep the body healthy. After taking antibiotics, generally, the good bacteria are lost from the body. At that time Probiotic helps us to regain the bacteria.


Explain Probiotic Foods:         (  Video )           

Explain probiotic foods

 Probiotics is a natural substance available in the human body. But some foods like

chocolate and yogurt also contain probiotics.

 Good bacteria, probiotics supports human body in many ways. Among them the
most noteworthy are-

· Balancing the number of good and bad bacteria.

· Helping the foods to move through gut.

· Keeping healthy skin.

· Maintaining oral health.

· Keeping the urinary and vaginal health in good state.

· Keeping body away from Allergies and cold.

· Probiotics also treats some problems inside the human body like-

· Irritable bowel system.

· IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease)

· Diarrhea related to antibiotics or infections.

Now come to the question. Which foods provide probiotics in the human body the most. Here are some good and proven ideas.

Best 14 probiotic foods list : 

  1. Probiotic Supplements.


This is the way of the unrest people. Some people try to have the necessary food elements from any supplements. This is the easiest way to do so. Now Probiotics are available in the market in tablet, capsule, liquid forms and even in powder. These supplements can be only convenient. They can’t provide you the desired natural Probiotics that you can get from different food sources.
If you really want to have Probiotic supplements for your weak immune system, consult a doctor at first.

  1. Yogurt:

                                                                                        Yogurt Food


If you think of developing probiotics in your body from any food, Yogurt must be your first choice. It is also one of the mostly taken and popular sources of ‘GOOD’ bacteria which are responsible for keeping a balance in our gut.A number of studies have been conducted on probiotics and the results were nearly the same. It is frequently said that probiotics have the ability to ease the lactose intolerance. Besides, they help to control gas, diarrhea and any type of ill-digestive problems. All these qualities can be found in a good yogurt. If you want to pay more, you can purchase best brands yogurts.

  1. Miso Soup:

     Miso Soup

                                                                                             Miso – Soup

    Though it is a very popular breakfast in Japan, the soup of Miso has got a universal acceptance. It is a paste of soybean, which is fermented. It has a great capacity to move the digestive system in a positive way. Miso, full with Probiotics, is generally used to cook a type of soup which is salty in taste. This soup has very low amount of calories and very high amount of vitamin B. it also contains a protective antioxidant.

  1. Sourdough Bread:

    Sourdough Bread

                                                                                            Sourdough – Bread


As developing the digestive system is the purpose of probiotics, the bread made of Sourdough is undoubtedly a good food to try. This bread is mainly made in San Francisco. The sandwiches made of this beard are the abode of good bacteria that has a very good capability to recover the digestive power.


  1. Sauerkraut:




Sauerkraut is another good source of good bacteria that enhances good digestion. This is a salty and sour food. In this regard, you have to keep in mind that the unpasteurized Sauerkraut should be used. The reason is that the pasteurized Sauerkraut, which is available in the market, destroys the good and active bacteria of the human body. Another food Kimchi, a spicy Korean food, is very much similar to Sauerkraut. This food is also full of vitamins which have great power to boost the immune system. This food has a good influence to avert infection.


  1. Tempeh:




It is another fermented soybean base food. It is mainly made from the base of fermented soybeans in Indonesia. This food creates a certain type of natural antibiotic. This antibiotic can fight against the certain type of bad bacteria. Tempeh is sometimes described as nutty, smoky and similar to mushroom flavored. The food also contains a good amount of protein in it. After marinating, Tempeh can be used as a substitute meal of meat.


  1. Natto:

    natto beans

                                                                                            Natto Beans


Another fermented soybean-rich food is Natto. It is basically a Japanese popular dish. Bacillus Subtilis, the highly powerful probiotics, is contained in Natto. The Bacillus Subtilis is a proven friend of human immune system. It also supports cardiovascular health and at the same time, it increases the Vitamin K2 digestion.
Nattokinase, a very strong anti-inflammatory enzyme, is also contained in Natto. This enzyme is a proven fighter against cancer.


  1. Soft Cheeses.
    Soft Cheeses

                                                                                         Soft Cheeses

Though probiotic is a digestion friendly element, all probiotics can’t be alive at the end of the journey through the intestines and stomach. A recent study has found that some Gouda like fermented and soft cheeses contain certain strains. This is a very good carrier for probiotics. Thus, taking the cheese will boost your immune system.


  1. Kefir- A Probiotic-Filled Drink.

    Kefir-Probiotic-Filled Drink

                                                                          Kefir- Probiotic-Filled Drink


It is often said that Kefir has been being used from the time of the shepherds of Eurasia’s Caucasus Mountains. At that time they discovered that their carried milk was fermented and turned into a bubbly beverage. This is a tangy, thick and creamy like yogurt has its own capability to produce strains of probiotic bacteria. Kefir also contains various helpful yeasts.


  1. Milk With Probiotics:

    Milk Probiotics

                                                                   Milk With Probiotics


This is one of the easiest ways to add probiotics to your diet. In this regard, you have to add some acidophilus milk. This is a bacteria fermented milk. Sometimes, this is called sweet acidophilus milk. Buttermilk is another source good probiotics. This is cultured with lactic acid bacteria.


  1. Sour Pickles:

    Sour Pickles

                                                                                        Sour Pickles


It is well known that pickles are a good source of probiotics. But you have to be careful in choosing the pickle. You should take the pickles where vinegar isn’t used to make it. Water solution and sea salt help the growth of good bacteria in human body. This also provides some sour pickles a number of good digestive benefits.


  1. Kvass:

    kvass recipe

                                                                                        Kvass Recipe


Since ancient time in Eastern Europe, Kvass has been a popular fermented beverage. Rye and barley were used traditionally to make Kvass. In this case, the rye and barley were fermented. But now Kvass is made using fruits, beets, and some other carrot-like root vegetable. Lactobacilli probiotics are famous for its capacity to cleanse the blood and liver. It has also a mild sour flavor which enhances the eagerness to eat this more.

  1. Curtido:




Curtido is a cross between Kimichi and Salsa. A wide range of probiotics strains is contained in it. It has also many health benefits like Kimichi.


  1. Prebiotics:

                                                                                    Prebiotics Foods

Prebiotics is another ingredient like probiotics. This helps to feed the living good bacteria in the human gut. Prebiotics can be found in the foods like oatmeal, asparagus, bananas, Jerusalem artichokes, honey, red wine, legumes and maple syrup. This is enough to anyone to choose his/her own probiotic rich food from the prescribed foods above.   

Probiotics Yogurt Benefits < – > Hair Growth Review & Tips


8 Benefits of Yogurt, Make Gorgeous Skin, yogurt for skin ! WomenProbiotic Reviews

WomenProbiotic – Showing now: 8 Benefits Of Yogurt With Reviews …

Yogurt for Skin:

yogurt for skin
Yogurt for Skin – Take yogurt Make to Gorgeous Skin” Actually we didn’t know the Benefits of Yogurt. Also, is a most important element for our glowing skin.  Why is Yogurt helpful on the skin? ( With Chemical reason) Here is a mini explain in my content. If you read properly, then you may understand. Yogurt is Fights for your pimples and acne, Yogurt for skin can also relief from sunburn your beautiful skin and increase your Brightens your skin easily.

Benefits of Yogurt:

Yogurt or Dahi is also known as Thayir in Tamil, Doyi in Bengali, Perugu in Telegu, Dahi in Gujrat and Thairu
In Malayalam. What does it signify? It signifies that Yogurt has long been used in different cultures in India, where people consume and use foods and medication direct from nature. Thus, Yogurt is one of the best natural items got direct from the milk.Yogurt is a vitamin-packed delicious food. As natural protector of the stomach or digestive system, yogurt has a long and renowned reputation over the world. But many of us may not know that it can be used externally also. Yes, yogurt works as a panacea on human skin providing some benefits.




Yogurt and glowing skin-

Since ancient times the use of yogurt for skin beauty benefits has been recorded. To clear the acne and pimples in the face, yogurt is used very commonly in India. Even the daily sour milk bath of Egyptian Beauty Icon Cleopatra is famous. She used to use yogurt to keep her skin youthful and glowing.



Why Yogurt is helpful on skin (Chemical reason)-

This may be a great question to ask before discussing the benefits of yogurt on human skin.Yogurt contains several nutrients which have the direct effect on treating different skin problems-especially on facial skin. Follow the chart below-

a. Lactic AcidMoisturizes dead skin creates a new glow, prevent breakouts, dissolves dead skin cells, and diminishes lines and wrinkles.
b. ZincReduces red swelling for rashes and acne, tightens the tissues, helps the growth of tissue, alleviates pimples and acne, and prevents oily skin.
c. CalciumHeals dry skin, enhances skin renewal and prevents unhealthy skin.
d. B VitaminsHydrates dull skin, keeps the glow of skin, helps cell growing, regeneration of cell, prevents oxidative damages and provides healthy fat in the skin cells.


Thus, yogurt is beneficial for skin from almost all points of view. A yogurt mask every day for 30 minutes will provide the required benefits. The benefits derived from yogurt on the skin are many.


Here are 8 Benefits of Yogurt for Skin:

1. Moisturizing skin2. Brightens and lightens the skin
3. Provides relief from sunburn4. Fights pimples and acne
5. Reduces the pre-mature aging6. Minimizes discoloration
7. Reduces dark circle08. Treats skin infections


1. Moisturizing skin

moisturizing-skinThe first thing the yogurt does on the skin is moisturizing. If you apply a simple yogurt face mask 3-4 times a week, you will get a supple and soft skin.
Yogurt along with Cocoa and honey will recover the lost moisture of your skin and makes your skin more bright and elastic. The lactic acid and natural alpha hydroxyl in yogurt provide you to have an exfoliated and smooth skin.

This face mask also helps you to spend the huge cash you spend in a beauty parlor. At the same time, it will release your skin from the load of the chemical beauty products.


2. Brightens and lightens the skin-


The moles and blemishes on your skin can be easily lessened by using yogurt regularly on your face. It also helps to disappear the freckles from your skin. At the same time, the tanned skin is turned into the tight skin.

But don’t be afraid thinking of the regular use of the yogurt on skin. Regular use means using 3-4 times in a week. You also don’t need to use loads of yogurt at a time. Just 1-2 teaspoon full is enough. Adding a few drops of lemon or orange juice will give the mask a twist.

For the brightest skin you desire to have, there is no alternative to yogurt mask along with orange or lemon juice.


3. Provides relief from sunburn-


Sunburn is a common skin problem for people all over the world. Spending too much time under the sun is the main cause of this problem. Because the UV ray of the sun directly comes in contact with the skin. It causes severe skin damage along with some redness and blisters in the skin.

Again yogurt is present with a great solution in it. Applying yogurt to the areas affected by sunburn will cool down the skin. This happens because yogurt is rich in Zinc along with its anti-inflammatory properties.

The mask will work the best if Chamomile essential oil (few drops) is added to the organic yogurt. Rubbing the mixture smoothly in the burnt area, you should wait 10-15 minutes. Then you can rinse it off your skin.

It is a great solution for treating sunburn without any failure.


4. Fights pimples and acne-


Acne is a common skin problem all over the world, especially for the teens. There are many remedies for this problem, but the best one is homemade remedy from yogurt.

Yogurt contains very strong natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. If you rub some yogurt in the acne affected areas and rinse it after 30 minutes, you will see the magic of yogurt. The acnes will be just minimized.

Moreover, the Zink and Lactic acid of yogurt have also a great effect on reducing acne. It also helps to keep the skin clear and reduce the irritation of the breakouts.

For a nourishing face mask, there is no alternative to yogurt. The most important thing about the yogurt is that consuming it also works just like applying it. That means the direct facial application of yogurt will help you in the same way as eating yogurt. The efficiency level of performance is the same in both cases. As yogurt is acidic in nature, it destroys all the acne-causing germs and bacteria inside your body.


5. Reduces the pre-mature aging-



With the passing of time your skin is getting aged, and sometimes it becomes aged in such a pre-mature age that it looks ugly. The anti-aging property of yogurt fights off free radicals. These free radicals are so much dangerous for the skin because they damage the skin by striping the molecule of oxygen off the cells of the skin. The fine lines and wrinkles on the skin are also caused by the free radicals.

The lactic acid in the yogurt has a direct effect on the fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. For that reason applying yogurt will make you free from tightening pores and dead skin.

You need to apply yogurt 3-4 times in a week for the best result.


6. Minimizes discoloration-


The acne and pimples always leave some scars on the skin which takes a long period to vanish. As yogurt contains huge lactic acid along with bleaching powder, it works just like magic to recover the discoloration of the skin. A combination of yogurt with few drops of lemon juice is a great fighter against the discoloration of the skin. Applying this mixture also reduces the blotches of the skin very fast.


7. Reduces dark circle-

Work pressure makes us oblige to pass several sleepless nights. The result is very ultimate because the dark circle is very commonly found in this type of people’s skin. Gene also works behind this dark circle. Yogurt application is the best remedy of the reduction of the dark circles. Yogurt’s anti-inflammatory property can do the work very promptly. After applying yogurt, you will get the result very soon.


08. Treats skin infections-



This is another most noteworthy function of yogurt. The skin infections like athletes’ foot or ringworm can never exist if yogurt is applied in the place of infection. This is the best natural solution of yogurt. The probiotics in yogurt actually help for this purpose. There is no denying the fact that the best natural friend of the infected skin is yogurt. After this detail discussion, there should be no doubt in your mind.

Isn’t true??

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