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Guest Post is Available


Interested in writing an article or tutorial for us? Awesome! Contributors are always welcome here at Inspirationfeed. Our primary goal is to deliver the highest quality content for our community.

The following guideline will provide you with all the information you need to help you get started with your article.

We receive a lot of submissions every day from companies, startups, and internet marketers. Some are brilliant, but some are awful. We just took our website related content.


Why reject


  • Poorly written articles will be rejected.
  • The article must match the quality of other posts on the site.
  • The article must be at least 1,000+ words.
  • Exceed add the link.



  • Its a very important that you format your article to the following guidelines:
  • Break your sentences into paragraphs.
  • Use bullet lists where possible.
  • Don’t overuse bold and italic formatting.
  • For main headlines use H2.
  • For sub-headlines use H3.



If you have a finished article that is ready to be published on Inspiration feed, please send us.Attach mailing file containing your article, images, and the short bio. If your article is accepted we will notify you when it will go live.


  • Submission must be original work and not published elsewhere.
  • And Your submission must be edited prior to publishing.
  • Your article credit all the sources.
  • You will get a single do-follow link.
  • Not all submissions will be accepted.
  • Each post charge is $50.
  • No ads disguised as guest articles, for advertising opportunities contact with our chief editor.


I am agreeing to give them the full rights to first publish the content on their site and to syndicate it.

If I wish to withdraw a post from consideration, it must happen BEFORE it goes through the editorial process. Once it has entered the editorial process, womenprobiotic reserves the right to publish an edited version of the piece with or without my approval.

If I pull a piece after it has been edited and publish the edited version on another site before it goes live on womenprobiotic, I understand that I will be invoiced for the time spent by the editorial team. This will be a minimum of $40USD. Otherwise, we direct trash your content from our website.


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