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Explain Probiotics yogurt benefits.



From the recent past, it has been found that the scientists and the health professionals are giving more emphasis on absorbing probiotics. But the most recent medicinal concentration is on Yogurt Probiotics. It is supposed to be the best among the probiotics preparation.

Why is probiotics yogurt the best?

A recent study which has been published in the Nutrition Research has shown that Probiotics yogurt is very helpful for human body. The study was conducted on 6526 people. The findings of the research showed that consuming yogurt has been found to be associated directly with-

Ø    Healthier metabolic profile.
Ø    Better overall quality of the diet.
Ø    Good blood pressure and
Ø    Triglyceride levels.
       The research also found that yogurt is a great source of-
Ø    Potassium
Ø    Calcium
Ø    Zinc
Ø    Magnesium
Ø    Vitamin B12 and B2
Moreover, the history says that even 6000 years ago fermented dairy milk was used in central Asia to preserve milk. India, Turkey, and Persia are the areas where yogurt was found as a nutritious food.

The preparation of probiotics yogurt-

preparation of probiotics yogurt-

                                                                                         Probiotics Yogurt


After the fermentation of the dairy into a creamy food, the conventional probiotics yogurt is made. The creamy foods are packed with helpful probiotics. As a result, it will become a balanced source of fats, protein, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrate.

In the case of the super food, the name of the yogurt is in the front line. Yogurt provides the highest nutrition when its source is got from grass-fed goats or cows. As a result, the yogurt provides whey protein, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, potassium, enzymes, vitamin K2, and probiotics.

In the USA the highest taken fermented dairy product is yogurt now. The most popular ingredient of yogurt is still the cow’s milk but dairy-based yogurt can be made with sheep’s milk or goat’s milk.
From before, yogurt was popular for its multi-use and creamy texture. In that time the stomach linings of animals were used to carry fresh milk. This happened because there was a belief that along with the climate many good bacteria performed the work of fermentation.

But those days are no more to exist. Now yogurt is made in a different process. To kill the existing bacteria, the dairy milk are given hit to a certain level of temperature. It is widely known as pasteurization. Then some starter culture of lively bacteria is mixed with the milk. After that, until the milk is rich, thick and tart, it is kept for several hours to ferment.

The yogurt probiotics benefits:


The benefits of consuming yogurt and probiotics are discussed below. All the benefits are highly researched and proven.

1.     Helps to lose weight and enhances fat loss-

Helps to lose weight and enhances fat loss
A study of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville has recently shown that yogurt has a great effect in reducing fat. If anyone takes 3-6 ounces yogurt servings per day and continues for 12 months, it will double the fat loss as the study reported. And after the probiotics are added with that, the fat loss will be enhanced to a certain degree.


2.    Helps healthy digestion-

Helps healthy digestion
The probiotics that are added to the yogurt helps to develop microflora in your gut. As a result, the digestive system increases to a certain good level. This enhancement helps to fight against IBS, Colon cancer, diarrhea, constipation and intolerance to lactose.

3.    Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetics-

Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetics
A very recent study of qualified scientists has unveiled that if a person takes a good amount of yogurt probiotics, he will certain in a good condition to avoid the risk of type 2 diabetics. For the regulation of healthy blood sugar, throughout the digestive tract, the absorption of nutrients is very important. Yogurt supports that process.

4. Enhances the immune system-

Enhances the immune system

If probiotics are mixed with yogurt or any other fermented products of milk, the mucosal immune system of your gut will be improved. It happens because inside the intestine probiotics yogurt increases the cell that produces cytokine. A good number of study has proved that consuming probiotics yogurt in infancy has a good influence in preventing immune-mediated problems during childhood. The probiotics yogurt in infancy also reduces the antibiotic prescription, the number of the days with fever, child care absences and clinic visit. In the case of the adult, probiotics yogurt keep the digestive tract free from disease-causing bacteria.


5. Decreases the bad cholesterol-

Decreases the bad cholesterolLike the Lactobacillus Acidophilus, live probiotics in yogurt helps reducing bad cholesterol level in the body. It is possible by taking only 7 ounces of the serving per day. From a high ranked clinical study, it has been found that the probiotics yogurt reduces about 2.4% serum cholesterol.
They were in the view that regular consumption of probiotics yogurt has many things to do in case of reducing coronary related risks by 6-10%.

6. The blood pressure is kept under control-

blood pressure is kept under control

In every 8 ounces of yogurt contains over 600 mg of potassium. Potassium intakes affect the reduction of blood pressure. The reabsorption of sodium is lessened by the intake of potassium. By influencing the cell function of the nervous system, it lowers blood pressure. It also improves heart health. A study led by Alvaro Alonso, MD, Ph.D. at Harvard School of Public Health has also proved the fact that consumption of probiotics yogurt reduces the blood pressure.

7. Improves mood.

As probiotics intake enhances the health of blood sugar patient and digestive tract, it also enhances the mood. It is because our mood is completely related to the health of the gut. It has been found in several studies that the people take probiotics yogurt have an extra power to control the emotion. They also suffer less from anxiety.

8. Increasing bone density it prevents Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is nowadays a very common problem. Only good and balanced nutrition can help to prevent that problem. In this case, the most important micronutrients are vitamin D and Calcium. This is the result of the research of Jeri Nieves, Ph.D., MS working as the director of the Bone Density Testing Helen Hayes Hospital in New York.

It is true that the combination of vitamin D and calcium is clearly beneficial to the skeleton. Calcium consists in huge amount in the Dairy Yogurt. Again most of the yogurts from the Dairy are fortified with Vitamin D. So, it is a very clear that probiotics yogurt increases bone density.

9.    The risk of the colorectal cancer is reduced.

The International Journal of Cancer has recently published the result of a study which was conducted on 45,000 individuals. The study has proved that the consumption protects colorectal cancer significantly. The reason behind this is very clear. The consumption of probiotics yogurt provides a healthy digestive system because both of these ingredients contain a good amount of good bacteria.

10.    Good against brain-related illness and chronic pain-

As probiotics can regulate the mood in a very significant way, it has the capacity of removing pain which is chronic in nature. It is also very good against Autism and Alzheimer’s.
Again the researchers have recently claimed against the repeated consumption of antibiotics because it affects the brain of a human being. The antibiotics are taken to kill the bad bacteria but at the same time, it also kills some good bacteria living in the gut as well.
So, they have raised the awareness to take probiotics yogurt after taking a course of antibiotics.
Therefore, this vibrant discussion is enough to pursue a person to consume probiotics yogurt. After all, it will provide you armor against various diseases.