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Benefits of Best Probiotic Supplement Researcher’s Advice To Proper Weight Loss.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics have become one of the frequently used buzzwords in the field of health and nutrition. Medicinally the use of probiotics has been increase for the development of the people’s health consciousness. Actually, it has been believe so far that probiotics are full with good bacteria necessary for the digestive purposes. But, some recent studies have found the role of probiotics in a different field.

How Do They Work For Weight Loss?


A recent publication of British Journal of Nutrition has unveiled that probiotics have a strong influence on body weight loss.

In many ways and in different stages of our life we take antibiotics. It may be from the farm meats. And sometimes we take antibiotics directly for various reasons. And here the problem starts.
Then what is the problem with an antibiotic in case of fat reduction or fat gaining? Yes, there is a relation. Antibiotic wipes out the inner ecosystem of the human body and it destroys the good bacteria and creates damages.

Sometimes, this creates permanent damage. It kills the GOOD bacteria which has a connection with keeping you lean.

The researchers are now in the belief that obesity epidemic has a direct link with Gut bacteria or in short the Gut health. 1 out of 3 Americans are now suffering from obesity. This is a very worse condition. But this is not the end of the story. The people who diagnosed their body. And found with different problems like fatty liver, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

The prediction of the obesity is possible by changing the inner ecosystem of the human body. The result of a recent study is the best example of this situation. The study found that the children with normal weight possess more Bifidobacteria than the children who were later overweight.

After a massive study, the scientists have been able to find out the relationship between gut health and weight. Five ways have been identified to prove that the gut health has an influence on weight.

Here Is Five-Way:

  1. Hormonal balance
  2. Metabolism
  3. The genetics
  4. Leaky Gut
  5. Inflammation 

Every Points Explanation:

01. Hormonal Balance –

The release of the hormones of the gut is regulated by gut bacteria. The hormones encourage satiety, control blood sugar and reduce the leaky gut.

02. Metabolism –

The foods we eat provide energy to the gut bacteria. Here some gut bacteria take more energy that other bacteria. The gut bacteria of your body provide around 4-10% calories in your body.

03. The Genetics –

The inner ecosystem is shaped by the genome of a person. Such as, the satiety hormone Leptin levels are affecte highly by the genetic mutation. These genetic mutations are related to less good-for-you Bifidobacteria and more-fat-forming bacteria.

04. Leaky gut –

Leaky gut or intestinal inflammation runs blood sugar related problems and obesity. The bacterial toxins enter the bloodstream when the gut barrier is leaky. A dose of Bifidobacteria like probiotics id found to improve blood sugar and decrease leakiness. 

05. Inflammation –

A systemic inflammation is enhance by toxins. Which are produce from unhealthy gut bacteria? A recent research has shown that the people who have type 2 diabetes or obesity, have more bacterial toxins in their body. As it is proven that high level of bacterial toxin enhances weight gain. The more bacterial toxin has to be removed to have a sound gut. 

Is Probiotic For Weight Loss?

Thus, the process of weight loss by probiotics is very clear now. Antibiotics frequently destroy the healthy ecosystem. On the other hand, the probiotic try to restore it and they do so. In a healthy inner ecosystem, excess weight is naturally dropped from the body. The foods like cultured vegetables and Kefir provide good bacteria to your inner landscape. These helpful bacteria control the growth of microbes that are harmful. At the same time, they fight against inflammation.

There are a lot of examples of probiotics rich foods and their effect on weight loss. Kimchi like cultured vegetables has a very good effect on improving inflammation markers to the people struggling with weight loss. At the same time, they are found good at reducing body weight in general. 

Again some studies have shown that the food like Kefir fights against inflammation. At the same time, they support weight loss and lowering cholesterol. 

There are some other ways how probiotics fight your weight loss.  

They include –

1. The increase of ANGPTL-4The levels of the protein ANGPTL4 is increased by absorbing probiotics. As a result, the fat storage will be decreased. 

2. The release of GLP-1- Probiotics has another quality that is, it helps to spread the hormones of satiety (Appetite-reducing) GLP-1. A good number of GLP-1 hormones can burn fat and calories in good amount. 

Therefore, probiotics help to reduce fat by- 

A) Reducing the amount of the absorbed calories.
B) Affecting the appetite and fat storage related hormones and proteins.
C) Reducing inflammation, a bar in the path of reducing obesity. 

If you want to look fit as much as possible. Then you can take probiotics. They will help you manage your weight and lose pounds. It’s obviously true that for obese people who have undergone weight loss surgery, probiotics will help in maintaining their weight loss.

So, in the meantime, all are clear that the emergence of probiotic as a reducer of weight or a fighter against obesity is now beyond doubt.