yogurt for hair growth and smoothly hair

yogurt for hair growth and smooth hair

It’s obviously true that yogurt can improve your hair growth. You have to eat it yogurt otherwise uses it at your hair. Therefore people are trying to optimize their daily diets with yogurt for hair growth. You know that hair is made of protein. For the reasons, you must add protein to your daily foods. 


yogurt for hair


Protein is rich food. Yogurt is an example of a protein. And yogurt is not a rich food. If you agree then you can take daily. Because of yogurt for hair growth its an important part of your hair loss. Yogurt is helpful for those women who are suffering from hair loss. As a result of Gastro-Intestinal problems.

In these cases, yogurts containing active acidophilus cultures help to regulate digestion and promote Gastro-Intestinal health. yogurt for hair can be used on the hair as well and works as a good conditioner and to help make the hair smooth and shiny. In the matter of the case, the yogurt ought to be applied sort of a “mask” supplementary to the hair and allowed to take a seat, covered, for 10-15 minutes, and then ought to be rinsed away and therefore the hair shampooed using a mild shampoo.

yogurt can help to mask cuticle damage and split ends, and the acid of the yogurt helps to contract the cuticle layer making the hair appear smoother and shinier. The combined effects of the smoothing and contracting of the cuticle also help the yogurts moisturizing ability to give longer lasting benefits.

Benefits Of yogurt for hair

yogurt for hair
Yogurt has been used as a hair care ingredient since ancient times. It is a multi-vitamin rich food which contains high levels of lactic acid that is quite beneficial to treat dull and damaged hair. Skip all those expensive hair care products and try this effective home remedy-yogurt to treat your hair.

yogurt for hair! It is a multi-vitamin rich nourishment which contains abnormal amounts of lactic corrosive that is very helpful to treat dull and harmed hair. Skirt every one of those costly hair mind items and attempt this compelling home cure yogurt to treat your hair.

yogurt to dispose of dandruff

It has anti-fungal elements, therefore, help fight dandruff. Take one cup of yogurt and mix it to smoothen out the irregularities. Apply this yogurt on your scalp and abandon it on for around 40 minutes before you wash it off. Really yogurt for hair and this home cure will dispose of dandruff.

yogurt for hair frizz

Bunched up hair is a typical issue confronted by numerous particularly amid summer. Utilize this mitigating and cooling fixing yogurt to diminish and quiet that untamed mane. Take around three spoons of yogurt, two spoons of coconut oil and four spoons of aloe vera gel. Apply this blend to your hair and permit it to dry for around 30 minutes. Before long, wash it with tepid water and a gentle cleanser.

yogurt for hair shining, dull and dry hair

yogurt for hair is a significant compelling home solution for add that lustrous sheen to dry and dull looking hair as well. Combine about a large portion of a measure of yogurt, two spoons of almond oil and two beaten eggs. Apply this glue on your scalp and cover your head with a shower top. Wash your hair with a cleanser after around 30 minutes.

yogurt for hair fall

Utilizing yogurt for hair, likewise, lessen hair fall and male pattern baldness after some time. Combine yogurt and some ground methi seeds and apply it on your scalp frequently. Abandon it on for 45 minutes before you wash it off. Yogurt will reduce hair fall fundamentally.

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Benefits Of yogurt, Benefits Of yogurt,


Is Yogurt good for your digestive system?

Yogurt ! Good For Your Digestive System :

yogurt - benefit

Yogurt which is also spelled as yoghurt is a very commonly used dairy product. It is one of the most popular fermented products made with milk. It is generally made by adding an especial type of bacteria to milk. Throughout the history, Yogurt has been found in the menu of the human being all over the world. It is mainly used as a meal, as a component of desserts or sauces or as a snack.

Then what is the relation of yogurt with digestive system? Isn’t it?

 Here is the definition:

Living bacteria are contained in human digestive tract. These are very important metabolic functions. The metabolic function is at the core of the digestive system. Digestion and at the same time for human body it produces the essential nutrients. For good health, the keeping of the good bacteria is very urgent.

In the recent past, it has been discovered that yogurt contains good bacteria that work as probiotics. Helping the digestive system properly is the first and foremost function of this type of bacteria that yogurt contains.

Generally, in yogurt the most common bacteria are-

Streptococcus thermophilus

Streptococcus thermophilus

Lactobacillus acidophilus

Lactobacillus acidophilus


Bifidobactium lactis.

Bifidobactium lactis

*Lactobacillus acidophilus
Streptococcus thermophilus and
* Bifidobactium lactis.


But besides these, some other helpful bacteria are found in a good  yogurt. They are-

*   l. casei and

*   l. rhamnosus


There is a variety of yogurt in the market but among them, the best is the Greek Yogurt. It is   strained more times than the traditional yogurt. It also contains higher fat blasting protein. But the most significant thing is that the Greek Yogurt enhances the amount of probiotics within the body. Besides improving the digestive system.


This live microorganism (also known as good bacteria) helps the body to absorb nutrients and in this way it improves the immune system. Another function of this yogurt is the easing of the gastrointestinal conditions. The conditions include inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, and lactose intolerance.


Regular consumption of probiotics yogurt also provides a good number of digestive health benefits. In this case, the active or live cultures must be there in the product. The benefits are-


*   Treating of diarrhea which is antibiotic-associated, is one of the primary benefits of yogurt. It does so by restoring the lost balance in the intestinal flora. But the yogurt must contain active or culture bacteria.


    Probiotics bacteria also contain bifidobacteria that work to lessen the symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome. As a result, it has a great power to reduce constipation.


  Lactose intolerance reduction is another primary function of probiotics yogurt. It improves the capacity to digest lactose.


   If you add probiotics yogurt and its live active cultures to your regular diet, it will aid to prevent several intestinal diseases which are chronic by nature.
Another noteworthy gastrointestinal solution got from yogurt probiotics is the treatment of colon cancer. The researchers have also provided their opinions behind these good qualities of yogurt. They said that yogurt provides such usefulness to human body because-


*  Yogurt brings a change in gut’s micro flora.

Yogurt enhances the immune system of human body, and

  The time of the food’s passing through the bowel.


Another research that has been conducted recently has found that people, in general, get affected with diarrhea just after completing any antibiotic course. This type of diarrhea can be reduced if a person drinks a particular drink that contains 3 specific types of bacteria. Thus, there is no denying the fact that probiotics yogurt has a direct effect on reducing diarrhea and making the gut stronger than ever.


The international standard-

This is a very important question. How much yogurt a person should take to get the best result of yogurt. Is it like that just buy or make some yogurt and have that without maintaining any routine or quantity?

Of course not! NYA or the National Yogurt Association has given a particular recipe or amount of live and active cultures in the yogurt. According to the NYA at the time of the manufacture of yogurt each gram must contain at least 100 million cultures. On the other hand, if the yogurt is frozen, at the time of manufacture each gram must contain 10 million cultures. If this amount if cultures is maintained in any yogurt, only then NYA will present their Active Culture seal on the label of the yogurt.

But be careful at the time of having yogurt because all yogurts don’t contain good bacteria. If there are good bacteria in the yogurt, “Live active cultures” will be written in the pack.


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Benefits of YOGURT- Probiotic for health-care| chia seeds for

Benefits Yogurt :
female yogurt  for beauty:

yogurt - benefit


It has been recently found that yogurt is mainly enjoyed by the women. Is it right? Is there any scientific background behind this idea? Is there any reason of this dairy-based bias of gender?
Yogurt has a great place in the food habit of the people from the very early period. Previously it was taken as desert but from the recent past it has been taken as a food with huge health benefits. It is supposed that the women are more likely to eat more yogurts.

Yogurt is undoubtedly a very harmless substance. Its position is between milk and cheese from the point of view of dairy. It can be taken as a staple food by mixing with different types of food grains and it can also be taken as breakfast or snack. All the preparations of yogurt are popular in its own position. Now the people of the UK buy more yogurt than ever. But it is also true that 10% of the bought yogurt remains uneaten. There are a lot of reasons behind this misuse or avoidance of the yogurt. But if you have decided to leave yogurt from your food menu, only 1 reason will bring you back to the track again. The reason is that the women like to eat yogurt the most.
Now again the major question arises-why this imbalance of gender regarding yogurt consumption? Is it profound or just sexism? The reasons behind this opinion is tried to discuss here.


1. The influence of culture :

influence of culture

                                                                          The influence of culture

The name of yogurt is found in the history of even 8000 years ago. Genghis Khan and his Army used to have yogurt as their staple food. But the word “Genghis Khan” and “Feminine” never match. However, India is one of the main countries where yogurt is a common food. In the entire Indian cuisines yogurt is very common. In Panjabi yogurt is taken as female. This may be a reason behind this.


2. Biological importance :

Biological importance

                                                                              Biological importance

The female consume yogurt for some biological reasons also. The biological importance of having yogurt is highly proven and thus accepted.


3. Lactose Tolerance :

Lactose Tolerance

                                                                     Lactose Tolerance

In most females Lactose intolerance is found severely. It is really more in the females. This may be caused for any biological reason. For that reason to have the required ingredients of milk, they like to have more yogurt than their male counterpart.


4. Good bacteria :


Good bacteria

                                                               Good bacteria

This is very common reason behind consuming yogurt for both male and female. One of the main ingredients of yogurt is bacteria or cultures. These are mainly good bacteria which have a great effect on keeping your stomach and digestive system in coherence. This is the reason as to why yogurt is one of the main favorite foods for the women in general.


5. Evolution:



According to one of the traditional theories on how the men and the women have been made, it is said that men are made of the tough and bad things and on the other hand female are made with all the nice things including sugar. As yogurt is a sweet food in taste, it is thought that it is made for the women. Another evolutionary idea behind the reason of why women like to have yogurt than the men is that biologically and genetically the women are hotter than the men. So, very naturally the women need to take yogurt in good amount.


6. Prevent Osteoporosis:

Prevent Osteoporosis

                         Prevent Osteoporosis

It is naturally proven that women lack some important nutrients. Of them calcium is very important. As a result the women suffer from problems of bones than the men. As yogurt is a very good source of calcium or yogurt is famous for its calcium, the women need to consume more yogurts. Osteoporosis is the reason behind this problem in the bone. Preventing Osteoporosis is one of the main functions of yogurt.


7. Reduce blood pressure :

Reduce blood pressure

                                                                            Reduce blood pressure

Women are likely to be more vulnerable to high blood pressure. It is common scenario of the developed countries like the USA. The good bacteria in yogurt make the taste of it sour (if sugar is not added). When this sour yogurt is consumed, it reduces the things like cholesterol of the blood which are responsible for high blood pressure. Thus, very naturally, it is a very good choice from the women.


8. Fight against the vaginal infections :

Fight against the vaginal infections

                                                               Fight against the vaginal infections

Vaginal infection for Candida or Yeast is a very common problem among the women. This is more common to the women who suffer from diabetics. In this case, the best solution is consuming more yogurts. If yogurt is added to the daily food menu of a woman, she will certainly be in a better condition against this type of vaginal infections.


9. Brings freshness :

Brings freshness

                                                                                 Brings freshness

Depression is one of the mostly noteworthy outcomes of modern civilization. Women are the worst sufferer of this problem as they have to undergo several problems like security and identity. As a result they become sad or depressed in most of the times. So these are enough reasons for which the women take more yogurts than their male counterpart. They do so mainly to keep themselves more attractive and to keep themselves free from various social and physical diseases.


Yogurt-the only dairy product that is still reigning :

In the super shops or stores, a common but new situation is found frequently. It happens in the dairy corner of the shops. The yogurt has substituted all most all the traditional dairy foods like sour cream, cottage cheese and anything else. Actually, the dairy corner is now the sea of yogurt. But it is very natural because a yogurt like nutritious food can’t but be on top of a super shop.
benefits probiotic

The beneficial bacteria in our gut where does it come from

Beneficial bacteria in our gut where does it come from when we are born?


But new studies challenge this view by showing that a handful of microbes exist in the womb.

Hints that the venter condition harbors bacteria began to go out few years ago. For example, in 2008, Juan Miguel Rodríguez’s group at the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain inoculated pregnant mice with a labeled bacteria and later identified the strain in the meconium (the poop that develops in a fetus) of pups delivered by C-section  (Jimenez 2008). In blend with different investigations of the placenta, amniotic liquid, and umbilical line blood, it now appears to be evident that a newborn child’s initially meeting with organisms is not at birth, as once thought. 

Beneficial bacteria how its come!
When a vaginal birth, a baby obtain maternal vaginal flora. They also pick up family skin flora with skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding, and some of these take up dwelling in the gut as well.  Human milk contains special soluble fiber that promotes certain flora, a class called bifidobacteria, and makes them predominate in the gut of breastfed babies. These flora probably protect the child from diarrheal diseases by outcompeting other bacteria and possibly by shifting the environment to make it a little more acidic.  Formula-fed babies have a more diverse flora.  Babies also acquire whatever other bacteria can get into their mouths and take up residence in the intestines–like when older infants taste dirt and put all kinds of objects into their mouths.


 Also, Into a vaginal birth, a child procures maternal vaginal flora. They additionally get family skin verdure with skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding, and some of these move to the gut as well.  Human milk contains unique Liquefiable fiber that advances certain vegetation, a class called bifidobacteria, and makes them prevail in the gut of breastfed babies.  These greenery presumably shield the youngster from diarrheal maladies by outcompeting other microscopic organisms and potentially by moving nature to make it somewhat more acidic.  Formulas bolstered babies have a more differing flora. Babies likewise get whatever other microorganisms can get into their mouths and move to the entrails – like when more established newborn children taste soil and put a wide range of articles into their mouths.